5 Reasons Branded Merchandise is a Vital Element in Elevating Awareness of Your Brand

Do you ever wonder if spending money on branded merchandise and promotional products have the affect you want for your brand or product? PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) conducted a survey in September, 2016 of more than 1,000 consumers. The study concluded,

“Consumers like promotional products. Consumers keep promotional products. Consumers have spoken and they praise promotional products as the leading advertising vehicle for brands.”

We decided to look at the results of this survey through the lens of one our clients to provide a real case analysis of how branded merchandise elevates awareness and leads to bottom line results.

Our client is in the appliance services industry, and he approached us with a specific request to place an order for plastic letter envelope openers. Rather than just simply taking and processing the order, we first asked a few questions to better understand the business objective behind his request. This provided us the opportunity to better understand if plastic letter envelope openers would provide a return on investment based on his business goals.

Our client told us their main objective was to increase awareness of his business. Deciding to use a promotional branded item, such as the plastic letter envelope openers, was at least on the right track. Promotional products do in fact increase recall, and elevate awareness for a product or service.

Reason #1:
Nearly 9 in 10 recipients could recall the brand and 8 in 10 could recall the messaging from at least one promotional product they receive.

We dove a little deeper with our client to find out why they wanted to elevate awareness. Not surprisingly, the main reason he wanted to increase awareness of his brand was to increase sales. Again, our client was on the right track, as branded merchandise is a factor in increased business.

Reason #2:
83% of recipients said they were more likely to do business with a company from which they received promotional products than those they have not.

The promotional product industry is a $21 billion-dollar industry and with so many different items available, it can be overwhelming. We talked with our client to gain a better understanding of exactly who would be receiving the letter opener and how they make buying decisions. It is important to understand where and how they buy, to determine the best product to achieve the business goals. In this instance, the recipient would be a homeowner who calls our client when they have a service issue with their appliance. The key is to have a promotional product visible at the time of need.

Reason #3:
Promotional products have the highest advertising reach above any other form of advertising providing exposure each day. 5 in 10 consumers polled stated they come in contact with promotional products most of the time or at all times per day.

Together, we determined a magnet which could be placed on the appliance would be a better option than a letter opener. The magnet contained a quality imprint that included the company name, contact information and hours of operation. When the customer required a service call, he or she would simply have to look at the magnet placed on the appliance to schedule an appointment as opposed to sifting through a drawer full of various items to try and find the envelope opener which they may or may not have kept.

Reason #4:
When asked to rate which advertising vehicles provide consumers with an incentive to take action, promotional products were regarded as most effective by all generations.

The magnet allowed the company to track and measure the ROI of their marketing efforts. The average service call for this client was $250 dollars. They could advertise directly to the customer for less than a dollar / customer. The cost per impression, assuming the customer placed the magnet directly on their appliance, was fractions of a penny as we estimated the customer saw that magnet up to 5 times per day.

Reason #5:
The longer the promotional product is kept, the more impressions it makes on the recipient and anyone else who is exposed to the recipient using the product.

By understanding your target market and how they make purchasing decisions, branded merchandise in the form of promotional products is a vital and proven element in elevating awareness of your brand or product.

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