As organizations begin planning for the new year, one common request we get while developing campaigns for our client’s is, “we want to use something new, what can you show us?”. This is certainly an understandable request and while fresh new products always enter the market, they may or may not be relevant to the client and the results they are trying to achieve. To help determine what product will best suit their needs, we ask our clients to answer three simple questions:

1. Who is the end user, who will be receiving the item?

2. Where is the end user likely to be when most in need of your product or service?

3. How can we advertise to that person when his/her need is most heightened?

This formula can be applied to any vertical and any promotion. Sometimes we find that a new product does meet the criteria. Other times we find that an old, boring item makes more sense. The purpose of the promotion is to achieve a desired result. Before getting wooed by a new product, run through this exercise and you’ll come to the right answer.