What We Do

Don’t take for granted the power of branded merchandise…

Pens, mugs, t-shirts, hats, notebooks, wristbands, tote bags – these aren’t just things. Every single product Fuel Merchandise Group designs is a means to accomplish the goal that matters to you most, whether that’s igniting your brand, sparking your sales, or firing up your team.

A shirt isn’t just a shirt...

it’s a rallying cry.

A pen isn’t just a pen...

it’s a new sale.

A mug isn’t just a mug...

it’s a symbol of belonging.

Branded Merchandise…

has a power that other advertising or promotional vehicles simply cannot match: creating a living, breathing, tangible piece of your organization with immense staying power.

Every piece has the power to stand on its own as a representation of your organization or your cause.  We don’t just create products; we help fuel the causes that matter to you most. All they need is your logo.

With so many different options and varieties of branded merchandise available, it isn’t always easy to find the right product to capture your message, resonate with your audience and meet your goals. Let us help.

 Fuel Merchandise works with you to cut through the clutter and find the perfect items to deliver your message and achieve the results you need. What purpose can we help you fuel?

We Don’t Just Create Products…

we help fuel the causes that matter to you most. All they need is your logo.

Ignite your brand

There is great power behind your brand waiting to be shared. Branded merchandise can serve so many more purposes than just raising awareness for your organization. When you pair the right product with the right purpose, your brand can soar to new heights.

Whether you are planning an event or fundraiser, trying to fill a position within your organization, launch a new service or product, or grow appreciation of your mission, your logo will imbue the product with purpose and bring awareness to your brand and your cause.


recall the brand


recall the messaging


recall the call to action


of consumers who receive promotional merchandise are likely to do business with the brand.

Spark your sales

The investments you make for your business need to impact the bottom line, but they also need to make sense with your budget. Pairing your logo with branded merchandise can make a profound impact on the things that drive sales and revenue.

When used as a gift or token, branded merchandise can curry favor, establish authority, help close a deal, and keep your name at the top of customers minds in a way a simple business card cannot. Branded merchandise puts your logo to work boosting your bottom line.


of Marketing and HR Managers say branded merchandise is very effective in motivating staff.

Fire up your team

The people around you are the single greatest asset to your organization or team. Providing your team with the proper motivation, recognition, and connection to your brand can fuel them to achieve greatness and work together with clear vision and purpose. Branded merchandise is one of the most effective ways to achieve this.

These products are perfect for an onboarding package to welcome a new employee, rewarding a person or department for accomplishing internal goals, or simply a way of saying ‘thank you’ for the work they’ve done. Branded merchandise can seem like a simple gesture, but the impact is far deeper than that.

Ready for a Spark?