Awesome Track & Field Uniforms for a Special Group of Kids

As a parent of a special needs kid, one of the things that brings me great joy is seeing my son’s inclusion in school sports and other activities. A year ago, when our son Matt was a high school freshman, we were introduced to Unified Track. What an incredible experience!

Matt has participated in Special Olympics Track and Field for many years. Now he has the opportunity to represent his school The coaches and peers bring such joy and sense of achievement to these kids, and will always have a special place in my heart.

This year, Fuel Merchandise, has been invited to work with Matt’s Unified Track team to provide track and field uniforms, as well as other branded merchandise. The new apparel will be debuted to the parents and kids in the upcoming week. I am so excited to witness the light in their faces as they see the new uniforms, and the opportunity they have to wear branded apparel representing their school sport. These kids are so proud to represent their school, and work very hard at doing their best. Now, the kids and their parents will have the opportunity to share this pride broadly within the community.

At Fuel Merchandise we are united by a single purpose – to connect the hearts and minds of people to the things that matter most. Having the privilege to work with Matt’s Unified Track team gets to the core of our purpose. Through the new branded apparel, we are motivating others to support Unified Track and these amazing athletes and coaches by creating greater awareness – #FuelYourCause.

We look forward to continuing this story by sharing the joy and excitement that comes when the merchandise is received by this very special group of kids.