Promotional products are fun, but can be overwhelming. There are so many options to choose. We are often approached by marketing directors for a price on an item they think is cool. Rather than just give a price, we dig a bit deeper and ask a few questions to understand the specific business goal. Each item selected should address these 3 critical elements:

  • What is the marketing/sales objective?
  • Who is the target market or intended audience?
  • Where are they when making a purchasing decision?

It is important to select a promotional item that will deliver results. Once the objectives are clearly defined, we identify the best options to meet the unique need. This is where the fun begins!

There are so many options for organizations to rise above the rest! Here is our list of what is trending in promotional products for 2017.

Technology Products

The overall number of mobile phone users reached 207 million users in 2016 with a projected growth to 222 million in 2017. According to ASI, 41% of U.S. consumers own desk accessories, and will typically keep a promotional desk accessory for over a year. Here are a few of our favorite technology products that are a perfect match for a smartphone.

Wedge Mobile Device Stand | Branded Merchandise
The Wedge Mobile Device Stand
Does your target market often work at their desk? This mobile device stand is a perfect way to have your brand top of mind with your audience. It sits on the desk in a premium location, cradling a smartphone at an ideal viewing angle.

Cell Phone wallet with Stand | Branded Merchandise

Silicone Phone Wallet with Stand
Go one step further with this phone wallet and stand. Silicone phone wallets are very popular. Now you can take it a step further and get a wallet with a functional stand.

Bluetooth speaker | Branded Merchandise

Bluetooth Cylinder Mini Speaker
Does your audience love music? Your brand will speak volumes by providing easy access to music everywhere. Great for work or home, anyone with a smart phone will enjoy keeping this speaker handy.


In the U.S. trade shows continue to be a popular venue for businesses. 99% of marketers find unique value from trade shows as compared to other mediums. According to, trade show visitors spend an average of 9.5 hours viewing exhibits. Are you planning an event or tradeshow? What are you doing to engage your trade show visitor?

LED Bracelets | Branded MerchandiseFlashing RF Concert Bracelet
Are you looking for a fun way to grow excitement with your audience? Get everyone engaged with these LED flashing bracelets. You can control the flashing bracelets with the push of a button. Have fun and leave your participants with a unique experience.

Backpacks | Trade Show Promotional ProductsNon-Woven Sports Pack
A must have for any tradeshow! With all the hours spent going to exhibits, it is handy to have a pack that slings over the shoulder. Your brand will be visible throughout the day, and will carry on as this versatile bag is used after your event.


Is your target audience health conscious? Over the past couple of years, we have seen a shift to innovative approaches to fitness and wellness. With the introduction of the fitbit, wearable fitness technology has become a big trend. Companies are understanding and implementing fitness options into daily work environment, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Are there opportunities to brand fitness items for your target market?
Fitness Tracker | Promotional Products

The Reflex

People who use trackers are 30-40% more active. “Trackers help facilitate self-awareness and mindfulness, which are necessary for behavior change,” explains Lee Jordan, an ACE-certified health coach. Keep people moving in step with your brand.

Branded Water Bottles | Promotional Products

16 Oz. Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle
Water bottles are a trendy item for your health-conscious audience. Stainless steel water bottles are ideal for keeping drinks warm or cold. Perfect for the person who keeps their water bottle as handy as their smartphone.

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