From a glance, a pen doesn’t seem like anything special. It’s just an ordinary tool that sits on your desk or in a coffee cup or pencil holder until you need to write something down.

But a pen with your company’s brand featured on it is so much more than just a simple writing utensil. Something as inconspicuous as a logo or company graphic can turn a pen from ordinary to extraordinary.

When you think about them less of what a pen actually is and focus on what it can stand for, there are no limits to the power of the pen. Here are just a few ways a single pen can make a profound impact.

A Pen Tells a Story

A pen made for to mark a special occasion isn’t just a simple piece of memorabilia. That special pen can silently tell a whole story with one simple graphic – a story about your company and what you stand for.

Take, for example, a pen made to promote a fundraiser your company put together. This pen tells the story of a cause your company cares about to the person you choose to give it to, sharing that compassion and cause with them.

Or, how about a pen commemorating 15 years in business? This pen tells the story of the hard work and dedication it took your company to achieve this accomplishment. Why wouldn’t you be proud to tell that story?

A Pen Leaves a Longer Impression

Quick question: what is a prospective client or a brand-new connection from a trade show or networking event more likely to throw away, a paper business card or a pen? The answer most will likely give is the card.

Unlike a business card that can get lost in the shuffle (quite literally!) among a stack of other cards just like it, a pen stands out. For as long as that pen sits on their desk or coffee cup, your name and your brand are going to be front and center in their minds.

That constant reinforcement they receive from looking at your name over and over throughout the day can be the difference in being the first person they call and being completely forgotten.

A Pen Welcomes a New Face

Starting a new job with a new company, surrounded by new faces can be a lot to handle for an employee. In some ways, it can feel like the first day of school all over again – especially if you work within a young organization. It is times like these that even the smallest gestures can make a big impact.

To a new employee, a pen is a sense of belonging in a foreign place – a warm handshake and reassurance that you are in the right place. This feeling can instill confidence in an organization’s newest face and start off the new relationship on the right foot for them and the organization.

But, it’s not just a pen that is capable of these kinds of powers! T-shirts, hats, water bottles, notebooks and other seemingly ordinary items can be powerful tools when you introduce even the smallest amount of personalization and customization.

Fuel Merchandise Group can help you tell the stories that matter to you, help you leave a longer impression and help you make a new employee feel comfortable with their new environment. Let’s talk about how we can fuel your organization.