It’s hard to believe it is already wintertime again! Though it feels like we just broke out our warm weather clothes but now it’s time to start bringing back the winter gear.

As we make the transition to the colder months, it’s also time to transition how you support and promote your brand. Afterall, promotional products do have a seasonality to them and how they can fit into your strategy.

If you plan on using promotional products for trade shows, meetings, conferences, gifts to customers, or just simple SWAG for your employees, the time of year plays a big part in what items you should choose. Sunglasses, visors, water bottles, and other similar products may not resonate as strongly during the winter than they do in the spring, summer, and even fall.

During winter, the items your clients and employees are more likely to connect with are items that will help keep them warm and cozy during the months ahead. As you plan your winter promotional product selections for the coming months, keep these items at the top of your list.

Cameron Cable Knit Pom Beanie

These stylish cable knit beanies are the same style that you see blowing up in popularity at retail locations, but with the customizability to add decoration in the form of a logo. These hats are available in a variety of neutral colors that will perfectly blend with any logo! They are a perfect item to hand out to employees and customers alike.

Merino Wool Blend Boot Socks

Nothing is worse than cold toes! These merino wool blend boot socks will keep the wearer’s feet toasty during any outdoor activity from tailgating to hunting season. With a spot for an embroidered or sublimated applique, whoever wears them will have you to thank for their comfort! These are a great promotional product for any organization planning an outdoor event.

Cameron Cable Knit Scarf

A perfect pairing with the Cameron cable knit pom beanie! These beautiful cable knit scarves will work great as a winter comfort accessory for any recipient. The soft pattern and neutral colors give it a classic look for dress or casual, and ideal for showcasing your logo.

Sports Performance Runners Text Gloves

These “runners” gloves are not just for runners! These are an excellent, light-weight option to give to anyone, especially clients. They can easily be stored in their pockets, so you’ll be thought of every time they put them on! Plus, with index finger and thumb pads, you can text and operate your phone while keeping your hands warm.

Looking for stylish winter wear to help promote your brand to customers and employees while staying warm? Fuel Merchandise has assembled our picks for absolute must-have winter wear items of the season, featuring all of these items and many more jackets, hats, gloves, and sweaters that will look incredible when paired with your logo.

Check out our picks here or let us know how we can help you enhance your winter season at 317-844-3835