When it comes to branding your company or promoting your product, it is important to understand the full impact of your advertising dollars.  Choosing promotions that have “staying power” will lower the overall cost per impression, hence providing a better return on your marketing dollar.

We are frequently asked “which promotional product is the best when it comes to promoting my brand.”  To answer this question, it is important to know which products are kept the longest and/or passed along to someone else.  The more the promotional product is visible, the greater the brand impressions, the more awareness of your product or service, and ultimately higher revenue for your business.

We created an infographic depicting how long items are kept, why they are kept, and who tends to pass the the item along after they are finished with the item.

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Number of months promotional items are kept

According to the 2016 Global Advertising Specialties Impression Study, across all promotional products, the average length an item is kept is just over 7 months.  Some products, such as calendars, stay around up to a year.  Other products, especially health and safety products and writing instruments, are kept about 6 months.

    • Umbrellas are kept 14 months
    • Mobile power banks are kept 12 months
    • Calendars are kept 12 months
    • USB drives are kept 8 months
    • Drinkware is kept 8 months

Usefulness is key

A key aspect in choosing an effective promotional product is identifying an item that is useful to the recipient. If you want your item to having staying power, it is essential to understand why someone would use and keep the item. Across all product types, the reason a promotional item is kept is usefulness (82%), attractiveness (29%), and simply because it is enjoyable (26%).

The graph below, outlines the reason Mobile Power Banks, Drinkware, and T-Shirts are kept.

Promotional products are passed along

Did you know promotional products increase longevity by being passed along to someone else? If you want to increase the number of unique impressions for your product or service, consider items that your audience might “give away”. However, you first need to understand your audience for this to be effective. According to 2016 Global Advertising Specialties Impression Study, consumers over the age of 55 are 70% more likely to pass along a promotional item than those under the age of 35. And consumers in the Southwest (68%) are more likely to give away a product when the are finished with it than those in the Northeast (57%).

The usefulness and staying power of promotional products make it the best advertising medium in terms of return on investment as measured by cost per impression.

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