Community events like fundraisers, fun runs and even simple neighborhood barbecues are a perfect way to bring friends and neighbors together, often for a great cause! Organizing them, however, can be lots of work and includes lots of moving pieces. If all that responsibility falls on one person, it can be a lot to handle.

There are a handful of things you need to check off the list to get started: securing a location, donors, vendors and any items and materials necessary for the primary event. But, if you want your event to be more than just your ordinary, run of the mill event, there are some things you can do to make it truly extraordinary!

Here 5 things you can do to really enhance your next community event!

Be Social

If you want to have a great turnout for your event, you need to get the word out. There’s no better way to do so than promoting it on social media! In the months leading up to it, create a Facebook page for the event and invite people to follow. A Facebook page is a simple and convenient place where you can post updates and reminders, answer questions and generate excitement for the event.

Don’t stop being social during the event either! Put someone in charge of running the Facebook page the day of the event, taking photos and posting updates. You can really increase visibility and online engagement for the event by interacting with and tagging the different vendors, donors and participants.

Mix Up Vendor Options

Choosing which vendors you use for food and refreshments should be something you decide upon early in the planning process. However, it’s not only important to pick vendors, but to pick the right vendors. While you don’t want to blow your whole budget on bringing in vendors (there are lots of important things to attend to) if you have the allowance it is a good idea bring in lots of options.

Including multiple options for food and beverages ensures that there will likely be something for everyone. Other considerations to keep in mind for which variety of vendors you choose is to keep it fairly simple. Finger food, sandwiches and small plates are always good options. Depending on who will be attending the event, you will also want to have vegetarian or vegan-friendly options as well.

Make Merch to Hand Out

An easy way to make your event memorable is to prepare some unique merchandise to hand out at the event. T-shirts, hats and water bottles are all fun and practical items that you can give to participants, donors and/or vendors.

Including this kind of merchandise at a community event is a terrific way to truly put an emphasis on the community in this event. Giving out matching apparel and items can cultivate a sense of unity behind the cause, whether it is a simple neighborhood party or a fundraiser for charity.

Include Side Activities

While the primary objective or activity of the event will obviously vary based on the cause, you want your event to truly be an event. Including several smaller side activities is a fun way to keep everyone entertained and encourage mingling with other attendants.

Depending on the venue location, time of day, time of year and other factors surrounding the event, there are lots of fun and simple activities to include that the participants will enjoy like bag toss boards, horseshoes or ladder toss boards. Regard, including a raffle or giveaway can be a lot of fun and a surefire way to encourage people to participate.

Send out Thank You Notes

Once the event is over, all the tents and tables have been packed up and everyone has gone home, it is time to show your gratitude. Show a nice personal touch by sending out thank you notes to everyone who helped organize, sponsor or was a vendor at the event.

It may not be as convenient but go the extra mile and put together some handwritten letters over an email. This really conveys just how much gratitude you have for these important people. This gesture may also pay off if you organize this event annually or plan on doing it again in the future. If you establish a positive relationship with helpful people, they will likely be more open to helping next time.

Fuel Merchandise Group can help create the perfect branded hats, shirts and much more to help give your next community event or gathering an added sense of community and personality. Let us know how we can fuel your cause.