Are you responsible for organizing group orders? Read our case study on how Fuel Merchandise Group was able to save time for one particular client.

A client in the public school system reached out to us to place an upcoming order for t-shirts to be given to the students. Our response was no problem, we can certainly help you. Do you mind if we ask a few questions to better understand how to help you? The client responded please do.

Q: How do you create awareness of the program with the students and their parents?

A: I create a flyer to send home with the students and send a separate email to the parents.

Q: How much time do you spend creating the flier, distributing the flier, drafting the email and sending the email?
A: I’d say between 1 and 2 hours.

Q. Than what happens?
A. We wait for the parents to email us back or send in the form with their order information.

Q. Do they pay for the item at the time of the order?

A: Kind of sort of… if they place their order by sending back the flier, we request they include a check with the order. If they place their order by responding to my email, we ask them to send a check separately.

Q. How much time do you spend sorting through matching orders and payments?
A: I have never put a watch to it, but it seems like it’s all I do for a couple of weeks

Q. Once you have the orders and have the payments, how do you sort the number of shirts to order?

A. I tally them one at a time to make sure every student gets the t-shirt they ordered in the size they want.

Q: How much time do you spend on this task?
A: We have approximately 500 students, so by the time I go through it once and double check my work for accuracy, I’m guessing I have 2 hours invested.

Q: Up to this point you have a minimum of 5 hours invested in this project?
A: That sounds fair.

Q. What happens next?
A: I place the order with my vendor.

Q: What steps are involved?
A: Since I’ve already selected the t-shirt in a previous meeting, I simply email the quantities and sizes in the color we agreed to, along with the artwork to be printed on the shirts. From there I review the order acknowledgment to check for accuracy as well to approve the art.

Q: How long does this take?
A: Not long, but at this point I’m ready for the order to be over.

Q: What happens next?
A: After the order is placed, it is delivered to us in bulk. So I sort out the sizes and go back to my original notes and match up the sizes with the students.

Q: How long does this take?
A: There are 500 students, so it takes a while, at least an hour.

Q: Are there ever any discrepancies?
A: Yes, sometimes the order is not fulfilled accurately and I have to back through my notes to determine if it was my error or the vendor’s error. Either way, some of the students are effected.

Q: Let me ask you this, if we were able to provide a solution that allowed us to collect the sizes, collect the money, process the order and accurately fulfill the order while eliminating the administrative gymnastics you go through, would that be of value to you?
A: Yes, can you do that?


Through our online group ordering system, we were able to design the custom t-shirt up front, share it with the entire student body and their parents with a click of the button. The parents were than able to place their order online, pay for it online and receive an order confirmation. All the order information can be tracked by our customer.

Once all orders were in, our system populated the orders for accuracy. We delivered a check for the proceeds and the product – complete with order confirmations included for ease of distribution.

Through our process, we eliminated as many as 7 steps for our customer while ensuring the order was accurately fulfilled. This translated in time and effort savings of greater than 90%, not to mention the elimination of stress relating to order accuracy.

She was able to use to this time and effort to focus on her other job responsibilities and get home at reasonable time to enjoy her evening.