It is that time of year again – reunion time! Are you planning a family reunion this year?  Here are some tips on how to get started.

Determine the best time to have the reunion, and set the date early enough for all family members to attend.  Ideally, set it 6 months to a year in advance so everyone has an opportunity to plan their schedule.  While you can have a reunion anytime during the year, summer is the most popular time to have a reunion.

Pick a point person from each family to streamline communications.

Select location.  There are many different places you can have a reunion from a park, to a relative’s house or even a specific getaway.  Real Simple Family Reunion Planner has different themed options along with pros & cons.

Get creative and have some fun planning.  Determine what types of activities will be involved.  Schedule specific outings.  Be sure to think of activities that will accommodate all ages.

Make it memorable with a t-shirt designed specifically for the reunion.  Create a slogan and add the date.  T-shirts can be worn many times again, and will always bring back the great memories of the time spent together as a family.