Internal Branding: 5 Tips for a Successful Company Store

One of the most overlooked marketing opportunities is internal branding. Internal branding is an effective way for your employees to make an emotional connection with the company’s products and services. When your employees care about your brand, they are motivated to work harder and feel part of the overall company mission. Employees are your most valuable asset. Encourage them to showcase your brand through a company store.

What is a company store?

A company store is an essential marketing component. It provides your employees an opportunity to purchase branded merchandise to wear and display inside and outside of work. From a branding perspective, the company store ensures consistent use of logo and other brand elements which is a key element in a successful brand strategy.

5 Tips for a Successful Company Store

1. Keep it Fresh

With the vast number of promotional products available, it is essential to keep your company store fresh by updating with new products on a regular basis. Stay current – providing new technology gadgets or health conscience products. It is important for your employees to have access to branded merchandise they can use in their day to day routine. View new & trendy promotional products on our online catalog.

2. Provide a Variety of Branded Products

Your employee base is unique… therefore, be sure you have a variety of items that meet the needs of employees. Strategically select products & apparel based on employee gender, hobbies, and work styles. For example, if several of your employees commute to work – consider adding some auto & commuting products to your company store.

3. Change Items for the Season

A great time to change up the store is with the change of seasons! If your employees are required to branded apparel, be sure to have options for both cold weather and warm weather. Check out our line of branded golf/polo shirts – perfect for summer.

4. Promote the Store

Just like any store – it is important to promote your company store to your employees. Provide discounts or “best buy” options. Incentivize your employees for a job well done with a gift code to use at the company store. Talk about new items arriving in the store in company emails or newsletters.

5. Have Fun!

Encourage your employees to have fun wearing and using branded merchandise. Here are few ideas:

  • Pick a day that everyone should wear company branded apparel.
  • Hold a contest to see who can use the most branded items in a meeting.
  • Connect your brand to the good work your company is doing by using branded merchandise to reward and motivate your employees.
  • Schedule a company outing or fundraiser and provide branded merchandise for your employees.

If you would like help analyzing your existing company store or creating a new company store, give us a call to schedule a free consultation.