Having a talent pool made up smart and talented employees and coworkers is a tremendous asset to any business or organization. Bringing the best and brightest into the fold ensures your team will be full of accountable, proactive, out-of-the-box thinkers who can use their expertise to help your organization reach new heights.

For many businesses like insurance agencies and accounting firms, much of their talent acquisition efforts revolve around recruiting at career fairs. Job fairs are brimming with young, talent, recent graduates – many of whom will make excellent additions to any business’s team.

But in a sea of booths, how do you make yours shine brightest and inspire the best talent to vie for a spot on your team? Sure, a decked-out booth may catch their eye and bring them over to chat, but it takes more than a flashy banner to really get them to want to get to know you and your brand.

Here are some ways your job fair recruitment team can capture the attention of the event’s best talent and inspire them to join your team.

Embody Your Brand

You are not just representing your company at a career fair. You are representing everything your company stands for – a living representative for your brand. Make sure everything from the literature you hand out, to the words you use in conversation, to even the clothes you wear to the event are all consistent with your brand. Why? Because your brand can be a powerful recruiting tool.

The way you talk about your company, the work you do, and the people that work there are just as compelling reasons to join a company as a salary. Truly motivated workers aren’t just looking for a paycheck. They are looking to join a company where they feel comfortable, where they can grow professionally and individually, and where they can bring their unique perspectives to help their company.

Be Approachable

A career fair can be an intimidating environment for new grads looking to find a company to begin their professional career or make the next step with. Their hesitance to go up and introduce themselves to you may only be magnified if you don’t present yourselves and your booth in a welcoming and approachable way.

While job fairs are a professional environment, it is also an environment where keeping your attire casual can be beneficial in making yourself more approachable. Leave the suit and tie back home and instead opt for something more casual like a polo shirt with your company logo emblazoned on. Smile and acknowledge passersby, stay off your phone or laptops as much as possible, and always be ready to strike up a conversation and talk about yourself and the attendee.

Bring the Right Promotional Products

Bringing merchandise that has been branded with your company’s logo or branding to hand to prospects is always a must for job fairs. It adds a little something enticing to help bring people up to your booth to start the conversation and also gives them something to take with them to keep you at the top of mind as they wade through everything else the event has to offer. The only problem with bringing merchandise is this: so will everyone else!

Just about every other booth will have the standbys of pens, cards, and maybe even tote bags. If you want to stand out you can’t just bring merchandise, you need to bring the right merchandise. Consider which products visitors to your booth will find the most practical and get the most use out of. Branded water bottles, flash drives, notebooks, and backpacks aren’t just items they will like, but they will actually use and think of you while they do. Bringing products that stand out among the rest will help your business do the same and help keep them from getting carelessly tossed in their bag and quickly forgotten.

Start the Conversation Online

Truly strong prospects at a hiring event are going to be doing their homework and will be coming to a career fair prepared. They are going to do their research ahead of time figuring out who is going to be there and deciding beforehand who they want to meet with and learn more about. They are going to be doing this research online, and that is where your conversation with them should start.

In the lead up to a hiring event, make sure your impending presence is well known by posting about it on social media and announcing it on your website. Let people know exactly where you will be, so they know where to go when they arrive. Additionally, many hiring events are coordinated by universities and student groups. By tagging these groups in posts on social media, they will be likely to reshare the post with their followers. By proactively promoting yourself online before an event, you can greatly increase the amount of interest and traffic to your booth.

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