Let’s do a quick exercise: take a moment to think about your organization, the things you really care about, and the things that you want to improve. Make a quick list.

What were some of the things you came up with? Has increasing organization visibility within your community or industry become a major focus? Are you looking for ways to help turn more connections into customers, or even inspire more loyalty in current customers? Maybe you just want more ways to attract the best talent to your team?

Without generalizing too hard, many businesses can narrow these desires into three categories: Igniting Your Brand, Sparking Your Sales, and Firing Up Your Team. But how do you support the causes that matter to you?

It all starts with your brand, how you choose to share it, and what you do to reinforce it. Your greatest ally in supporting your brand is through branded merchandise. Your logo helps turn these items into living, breathing, tangible pieces of your organization with immense power.

Every organization has a cause that can be supported with promotional products. All they need is a little help from your brand, a little creativity, and the passion you have for the things that matter to you most of all. Here’s how.

Ignite Your Brand

Branded merchandise is one of the most effective promotional or advertising mediums when it comes to raising brand awareness. A billboard won’t fit in a pocket, but a pen will. Hats, shirts, water bottles, bags, and whatever else you choose to pair with your logo help put your brand in the forefront of people’s minds no matter where they are.

Items at events and fundraisers put your logo side-by-side with a great cause. Standing out on a trade show floor while you promote a new service or product is easier when you come equipped with great items to share as well. The logo present on the clothes you wear and items you share give them greater purpose and bring awareness to your brand and your cause.

Sark Your Sales

Investing in things that effect sales is always a good investment. When given your logo, merchandise can fill that role as well. Small items you share with new connections at a networking function can start relationships off on the right foot. And, unlike a simple business card, promotional products like pens, coffee cups, or bags give your name and logo better staying power.

Branded merchandise is also far more personal than any email, business card, or mailer can ever hope to be. Using them as gifts to current customers and leads can help build loyalty and are a reminder of the care you give them. That personal touch is sometimes all it takes to close a sale.

Fire-Up Your Team

People are one of an organization’s greatest assets. It is important to reward their good work, find ways to keep them motivated, and make them feel welcome within the organization. Products paired with your logo can do just that.

Branded products are perfect for an onboarding package welcoming new faces to the office, rewarding personnel for accomplishing internal goals, or a simple token and way of saying ‘thank you’ for the work they’ve done. Products like shirts and hats can also be the centerpiece of team building activities aimed at bringing your group closer together.

Fuel Merchandise Group can help you find the right branded products to support the causes that matter to your business the most! Let’s talk about what your brand is capable of.