How Our Fundraising Works

Want to launch a powerful fundraising campaign to raise funds and create lasting awareness for your cause? Now you can!

The Fuel Fundraising Platform was developed to help you accomplish both. We work with you to understand your audience and create an awesome t-shirt promoting your cause.  Fuel builds a web page that you can use to sell your shirts.  We will provide you a dedicated website link (URL) you can share with your current and prospective audience… it’s that easy. Don’t wait to conquer your goals, get started today.

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Tips for a Successful Campaign

  • Fast Delivery of T-Shirts


    Create and launch your fundraiser in a matter of minutes. Each store is given a unique URL which can be shared rapidly through email and various social media platforms.

  • No Inventory

    No Inventory:

    Sell custom apparel without having to stock, distribute or worry about dated or unsold merchandise.

  • Create Awareness and Engagement of Cause

    Engagement beyond the campaign:

    Unlike a singular fundraising event, your message spreads like a walking billboard each time a supporter wears the custom apparel item.


Fueled by a PurposeEffective, Targeted Marketing Solutions

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