As we get closer and closer to the holidays, business owners should spend time reflecting on the past year and all the hard work put in by their employees. A year’s worth of great work should never go unrecognized and rewarding your team with corporate gifts is the perfect way of saying “thank you.”

Whether you are hosting a full-blown holiday party or just want to express your gratitude, finding the perfect gifts for your employees is important for maintaining moral in a corporate environment, and even employee retention.

In fact, a 2018 survey by the Boston Consulting Group revealed that in the United States a good relationship with one’s superior was the number one factor in job satisfaction. Giving back to employees during the holidays with corporate gifts is a great way to demonstrate just how grateful you are to them and makes them feel tremendous appreciation for their work.

But what makes the perfect corporate gift? After all, for as positive of a message a quality gift can send, a poor gift can send the complete opposite. As you start shopping for employee gifts this year, ask yourself these questions.

Can it be Personalized?

A personal touch can add so much more value to a gift! Look for items that you can put a personalized spin on in different ways. You can add personalization by gifting items in different colors for different people, colors that match company branding, outfitting them with your company’s logo, or even adding each person’s name to the item.

Even a small personal touch like adding your company’s logo or employee’s name to something like a set of drinking glasses or an ultra-cozy blanket gives the gift an extra level of thoughtfulness. It shows you took the time and effort into each gift instead of just buying some bulk item with no personality.

Is it Just Another Office Supply?

Because it is important to express your gratitude through the gifts you choose, you don’t want to come off as too stuffy and essentially just hand out office supplies. At the same time, the gifts you give should be genuine and shouldn’t just be a gag. Striking the perfect balance and finding items that have great practicality whether they are in or out of the office is the key to selecting the perfect corporate gift.

Gifts like an electronic set of wireless earbuds and chargers are great for at their desks as well as at the gym. Cooler sets are perfect for employees that are entertaining, at a tailgate, or on a fishing trip. Pen and journal sets are useful around the office, but equally useful at home. Items that are fun and multi-purpose are guaranteed to delight your employees.

Will They Actually Like It?

When picking out holiday gifts, as important as it is to think long and hard about the gift itself you need to think about the people, you’ll be giving them to just as much. This is where it pays to have a strong relationship with your employees. Take what you know about who your employees are and their interests into great consideration when selecting your corporate gifts.

Will an office of 40+-year-old employees get the same level of enjoyment out of a Bluetooth speaker as an office of twenty-somethings? The answer is no. If your employee is into cooking, a great knife set just may make his whole holiday! Think less about what the coolest gift would be and more about what gift your employees will enjoy the most.

Want some help finding the perfect gifts for your employees? We’ve done your holiday shopping for you! We’ve selected 15 of the season’s hottest corporate gift ideas for our 2019 Holiday Picks. Every item on this list checks the important boxes for what makes a great employee gift and is guaranteed to demonstrate your appreciation.

Check out our picks here or let us know how we can help you thank your employees this holiday at 317-844-3835.


What are the hot trends in office gifts?

Great office gifts to employees and co-workers are products they will be able to find a use for both inside and outside of the office like electronics, speakers, charging pads, and power banks as well as items that are personalized to the taste and interest of the recipient.