From making the rounds at trade shows, career fairs, employee outings, or community events, many businesses and organizations are in regular need of having branded products on hand. That requirement, however, can sometimes require these groups to have boxes and boxes of products on hand. Without the luxury of a spacious and local warehouse, however, this is hardly an ideal arrangement.

That is where having a company store partnership can be a tremendous asset. Sometimes referred to as product fulfillment centers, these third-party run spaces can act as your own personal promotional product storage space, ready to meet your supply needs at the push of a button.

Here are just a few advantages a company store can offer businesses with promotional product needs.

No More Storage Issues

Using a company store eliminates the need for internal storage and inventory hassles. For an organization that regularly uses branded merchandise but may lack the space to keep boxes and boxes on hand at all times, a company store is a major asset. Not all businesses have the luxury of warehouse space or spacious office space. Even if they do, they may not have the budget or manpower to staff employees to care for and stock an inventory of products.

A company store acts as your dedicated partner in storing and caring for each and every promotional product you need. They handle production, storage, care, inventory, shipping – taking the hassles off your plate.

What You Need When You Need It

Even though your promotional products are not in your building, they are there when you need them and where you need them. With a company store partner, your product inventory is ready to be shipped to your office or wherever you need them as you prepare for trade shows, hiring events, demos, company outings, or whenever you need them on hand.

As opposed to a more traditional warehouse that deals more in skiffs and huge bulk shipments, the pick and pack delivery methods of company stores give you the flexibility of getting only exactly as few or as many of each item you need. Either through a dedicated online portal or just picking up the phone, you can order the exact items you need.

Simplifies Business Decisions

For businesses and organizations that regularly rely on promotional products, having a company store on hand can also help bring some simplicity to other areas of your operations. Cutting out the time it would normally spend digging through your promotional product inventory, gathering it up, packing it up, and getting it ready to go is time you can spend focusing on your business instead.

Having a company store handle all the storing and shipping of your branded merchandise also allows for great flexibility. Everything available in one place brings simplicity when it comes to internal scaling, changes to the size of your space, and is ideal organizations with multiple locations or branches.

Fuel Merchandise has the expertise and storage capacity to serve as the company store partner for any organization or business! Let us know how we can aid your cause.