There is a lot of pressure on a new employee to make a good first impression during their first few days on a job. However, there should be an equal amount of pressure on the company itself to make a good first impression as well.

Effectively onboarding a new employee gives them the confidence to hit the ground running, feeling comfortable with their new coworkers, environment and daily tasks, minimizing the downtime and loss of production that can often result from a new hire.

But more than that, facilitating a smooth onboarding process can help establish a solid, favorable relationship with a new employee. How you start that relationship with an employee can play a major role in their happiness, productivity and retention, which carries over to the bigger picture that is a company’s culture.

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so help make it a great one with these new employee onboarding tips!

Cut down the paperwork

Nothing can kill the momentum and excitement of a first day like burying a new hire under a mountain of paperwork. All the time spent filling out forms is time they could better spend getting acquainted with their new coworkers and environment or simply spending time focusing on their new job.

Remove the need for day-one paperwork and let a new employee get their bearings and get down to work much faster by getting as much paperwork completed before they even show up the first day. Send your new hire any paperwork as you can beforehand, either to be printed out and brought with them on their first day or to be completed and submitted electronically.

Prepare a welcome package

A small gesture can make a big impression for a new hire during onboarding. So what better way to make someone feel more welcome than with a simple gift? Let your new employee be greeted at their desk by a gift basket as a way of saying “welcome to your new job!”

A few simple trinkets and gifts like company-branded coffee mugs, pens, hats, USBs, shirts, phone case and more can go a very long way in making someone feel more at home and immediately feel like they are part of the team. Though they may be seemingly small tokens, demonstrating this level of care right on the first day can create a lasting impression on an employee and play a factor in retention and happiness down the line.

Facilitate introductions to the team

As exciting as the first day of a new job is, it can also be very nerve-wracking. With the prospect of having to meet a whole slew of new faces, names and learning a new environment, the first couple of days can be overwhelming. Don’t throw your newbie in headfirst! Instead, facilitate their acclimation to the new office by making sure they are properly shown around and introduced to the office or their department.

One way is to assign someone for them to shadow for the first day or so, a person who can show them around, make introductions and answer any questions that may pop up. You can also hold a team activity or meeting for the office or department, getting everyone in one place and arranging some interaction. Finally, you can assign multiple people throughout the office different onboarding tasks, so the new employee can organically kickoff relationships by working their way through the building.

Map out their first week

Not knowing what to do or what is expected of you during your first few days can be scary and frustrating for a new employee and result in a lot of wasted time for a business. Cut out surprises and help give new hires direction and confidence by pre-planning out their first week or so in as much detail as possible.

This can be done preparing a simple document outlining tasks or what they need to accomplish each day. This may seem oversimplified, but that little bit of structure can be extremely helpful for someone who may be a little out of their element in a new job. You may also want to assign a “mentor” or someone they can shadow for the first couple days to give guidance and be their resource for any questions.

Get their computer ready

Along with paperwork, IT hiccups and issues can really steal a lot of productive time out of a first day, not to mention cause major headaches.

Avoid one of the major causes of downtime on the first day by getting as much of the technology-related set-up out of the way before your new hire arrives for their first day. Make sure all the necessary software and programs are installed on their workstation beforehand and make sure they are set up on their email, time management tool and other internal systems.

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