5 Tips to a Successful Campaign

You’ve decided to start a fundraising campaign with Fuel Merchandise Group. Fantastic! Now what, where do you start and how do you increase the chances of achieving your goals? Here are some helpful tips to create a successful fundraising campaign through Fuel Merchandise Group. If you get stuck, a dedicated Fuel Merchandise Group team member is available to help.

1. It begins with the Story

When raising money for a cause you strongly believe in, chances are the people in your life and those involved in the organization will be eager to offer support. When setting up a fundraiser, write a catchy and descriptive title that will grab the attention of the audience. Follow it with a creative message that communicates the intention of the program, resonates with the audience and answers who, what and why. “Who” benefits from the fundraiser; “What” is the purpose and “Why” it’s important. It only takes a few sentences to communicate a compelling message that speaks to the audience’s emotions and creates a connection. The term, “less is more”, is very applicable here.

Every successful fundraising campaign has an effective call to action. The call to action is the actual spot where you ask somebody to do something… in this case, purchase. Make it clear what your contributors should do and don’t assume it is obvious. The goal is to educate and guide your supporters towards making a purchase as quickly and easily as possible. The call to action plays an important role in achieving this goal.

  • Use clear terms like “buy”, “give” or “donate”. Avoid fuzzy terms like “support.”
  • Use words like “now” or “today” to encourage your audience to take immediate action.

2. Establish a Fundraising Goal and Set a Deadline

Running a successful fundraising program requires a motivated organization and audience. To help, Fuel Merchandise Group offers two features which can prove effective in motivating your audience. One feature is a fundraising goal and the second is countdown clock. Both are visible on your page.

Be precise with the fundraising goal to let the audience know how much money needs to be raised. As for the deadline, create an order window and stick to it. We recommend giving your contributors two-weeks from the date of launch to place their orders. Any less than two weeks will make it challenging to effectively promote the campaign, and any more will enable procrastination. As contributions are made and days pass, your page automatically updates the progress towards the goal and the number of days remaining, in real time. Having a scoreboard to include the goal, the progress and days remaining has a way of motivating and inspiring people to take action.


3. Make your Product and Fundraising Page Look its Best

Step 3 begins with designing your product(s). Design a product people will want to buy and want to wear. The average shirt over will make tens of thousands of impressions over the course of its lifetime…. make it count. Start by selecting the perfect product (t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc.) you want to offer. The more consistent the product is to the season; the more people will likely purchase. For example, t-shirts are commonly worn during the summer months, while long sleeve t-shirts or sweatshirts are commonly worn in the fall or winter months. Next upload your design, or choose from thousands of designs available in our “design studio” and edit as you wish to make the product sizzle. Keep your imprint clean and simple so the message is clear, limit your imprint to 3 colors if possible to help manage the cost and use contrasting or neutral product colors from the design to make the message pop.

We recommend using colors in the product, the design and the web page consistent to the cause and/or the representing organization to establish a stronger bond with the audience. The color themes used will play an important role in advancing the cause beyond the fundraiser.


4. Share with Co-workers, Friends and Family

Every Fuel Merchandise Group fundraising campaign is given a unique link that’s easy to share. In order to generate the best possible outcome, the fundraising effort should be promoted actively during the defined fundraising-ordering period. There are countless platforms available to share your link whether through email, text and various social media outlets. Facebook has proven to be a very effective way to share and connect with those closest to you and the organization. Explain what the fundraiser is for and how their support will help advance the cause. Your friends, family and co-workers will be the ones most willing to contribute and will be more likely to reach out to others on your behalf to share your campaign. The more people you reach, the greater the odds of achieving your goal and advancing the cause.

Once you’ve shared the campaign on Facebook, be sure to spread the word through other social networks and communities. Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and email for example can all be utilized effectively and efficiently. Promoting a campaign doesn’t require a ton of effort, but if reaching the goal is important, we recommend using the available tools to your advantage in building a strong sense of community and awareness around your campaign.

5. Show Your Appreciation and Share the Progress

Expressing gratitude and being thankful to your contributors is always a good idea. But it goes a little further than that. Your Expressing gratitude and being thankful to your contributors is always a good idea. But it goes a little further than that. Your contributors are spending hard earned dollars to help advance the cause and appreciate the recognition. Expressing gratitude and thanking your contributors can be done by reaching out individually or updating previous group posts (the more personal the better). Sharing the progress is another thoughtful way to keep your contributors updated. Once they have made a contribution, play it safe and assume they will not be keeping tabs on the progress. By doing this, it will help accomplish two things; first it can fuel the momentum of the campaign and help gather additional support; second, it builds unity around the campaign and its’ contributors. Your donors want the campaign to succeed, be excited when sharing the progress and expressing your appreciation.

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