Every now and then it’s nice to get out of the normal office work routine and reward your team by doing something fun! Team building activities are a great way to bring a group of coworkers together to have a little fun and blow off some steam in what would normally be a typical workday.

But, not all team building exercises are made equal. Choosing the right activity is important. You want the time you spend as a group to not only be fun for the team, but you also should be looking to get a bit more than that out of the experience.

These activities are a great way to subtly incorporate or emphasize important qualities needed in the workplace such as communication, working as a team, delegating and creative thinking. Here are a couple ideas for team building activities you can do with your team that incorporate these skills, and that they won’t hate doing!

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are super fun activities that can really awaken the kid in all of us. The idea is pretty simple: split your team into several groups and let them loose on the area with a list of objectives or items they need to find or accomplish. While there are groups and businesses out there that can organize a scavenger hunt for you, but it can also be fun to do yourself.

It can be things as simple as taking photos of specific landmarks around the city to more abstract challenges like getting a photo of a classic car of a certain color. You can put the teams head to head with a prize on the line. Ultimately, apart from being a fun day out, completing the scavenger hunt requires each team to work together to accomplish a common goal. This exercise will require communication and creative thinking in order to knock each item off the list.

Mine Field

Creating a Mine Field is a great activity for a group of any size, indoors or outdoors and will likely take less than an hour out of the day. All your need is a blindfold and a bunch of random objects you can scatter around the ground, whether it’s a few toys or items from around the office. The objective is to have one unblindfolded person successfully guide another through the “mine field” without stepping on any of the objects.

Mine Fields aren’t just a fun activity because they can be done virtually any time or anywhere, but it is also a great activity for focusing on and improving communication, trust with your coworkers and effective listening. Being blindfold puts the navigator in a vulnerable position with their guide and really heightens the importance of these values.

Back of a Napkin

Being able to articulate an idea or solution in very few words is a valuable skill, and that is exactly what the inventive exercise known as “Back of a Napkin” does. All you need is a couple square napkins, a couple pens and a few different teams. Give every team the same problem statement/open-ended question and give them 10 minutes at map out or write their solution in only the space provided on the napkin.

You can play for bragging rights or award prizes to the team that comes up with the most practical, inventive or visual solution. Regardless of who wins, each team will have the chance to work on critical problem solving and effective communication, given the limited amount of time and space they have to work with.

Block Building

This activity turns simple children’s toys into a creative activity great for team building. All you need for Block Building is a couple identical sets of wooden blocks (preferably with different colors and shapes) and a few groups of 3-4 people. The organizer of the activity will use their set of blocks to secretly build a structure that is hidden from all the groups. Then each team assigns one person to look at the secret structure for 30 seconds. They will then have 30 seconds to describe how to construct it and then must remain silent while they work for 1 minute.

If not recreated perfectly, the groups then send a different person to look for 30 seconds before returning to the group with the same instructions. This goes on until one group successfully recreates the secret structure. Success in this will activity will hang on how effectively each team can communicate and delegate.

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