Every customer starts as a prospect. But, getting them there isn’t always easy.

Turning a prospect into a customer can be tricky, as some may need some convincing or time to make a decision. While you may want your business, pressuring them into a decision may only serve to drive them away. You need to facilitate a prospect’s journey down the sales funnel in a way that won’t just hurt your chances of earning their trust and business.

Here are a few methods for helping turn a prospect into a new customer.

Follow up… but don’t be obnoxious

Naturally, after you make a great connection with a potential customer, you’ll want to start sowing the seeds of the relationship by following up with them. This is the correct thing to do, but you need to make sure you follow up the right way. It is easy to come off as desperate or obnoxious by sending email after email asking to talk.

Instead, take a more passive approach to follow up with leads. Spread out your email follow-ups and messaging, providing additional information and resources as the focus as opposed to the hard sell. In your first email, tell them how nice it was to meet and maybe send along a link to some FAQs. Wait a couple of weeks before sending another, with more information – maybe a link to a blog post or a useful resource. Rinse and repeat.

This approach helps demonstrate your value to the recipient as an expert and that you are more interested in helping them than pressuring them into a sale.

Connect on LinkedIn

Social media, particularly LinkedIn, is another great environment for helping bring new prospects closer to being customers. If you’ve recently had a meeting or met at a networking event, connecting on a business-oriented space like LinkedIn makes a lot of sense, so it won’t seem as out of place as, say, following them on their Instagram.

Once you are connected, you use the platform to subtly put your messages in front of them. Use your page for posting your blogs and resources, as well as resharing interesting industry-related articles. These posts will naturally come across their feed and not only get them thinking about the messages and make them think “hey, I should talk to them about that,” but it also further helps establish you as an expert in your field and someone worth giving business to.

You may also want to check out who else they are connected to. If they are in the same community as you, chances are you may have some mutual connections you may be able to turn to for information or even a referral.

Send them some gifts

One of the motivators in choosing who to give one’s business to, aside from price, is who is going to give them the best service and treat them be best. With that in mind, help sway a decision by demonstrating your personal touch and care by sending your prospect some gifts of branded merchandise and promotional products.

Sending prospects simple gifts or a goodie bag with branded hats, shirts, water bottles, pens, notebooks, coffee cups, or anything else they can pass around the office checks multiple boxes in the effort to win the favor or a prospect. A care package will make them feel special, and everyone likes to feel special! The excitement they will feel of coming into the office with a care package waiting will give them a warm and welcome thrill. It also demonstrates that you are willing to take the time and care enough to do something nice for someone who isn’t even a customer.

Finally, it also places your logo all around the office on the notebooks, pens, cups, and whatever else you share with them. Your prospect and everyone else around their office will regularly have you at the forefront of their mind every time they look at the items.

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